Open Joint Stock Company "8 Marta"

Open Joint Stock Company "8 Marta" - the leading enterprise of the light industry of Belarus. Its long history dates back to 1926. Today, the company has a complete production cycle of knitwear and hosiery. The technological process includes 5 stages: knitting, dyeing, finishing, cutting and sewing. JSC "8 Marta" is one of the leading manufacturers of knitted and hosiery. The company is characterized by a high degree of organization of production, mechanization and automation of production processes; high skills, high quality products. Quality management system ISO 9001-2015 is implemented. Company Investment activity has allowed to make modernization of basic production processes of knitwear and hosiery and equip with new high-tech equipment of world leading manufacturers - countries Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Japanese, allowing to produce high-quality and modern products of cotton, linen bamboo, wool, man-made, synthetic fibers and mixtures thereof. The main focus for the production of the goods is placed on the natural properties of natural and ecological purity of breathable, hypoallergenic and hygroscopic cotton fabric, The range of company's products are constantly being improved, taking into account innovative technologies, allowing to master the production of fabrics from flax-containing bio-treated high numbers yarns, canvases with enclosure of polyester hollow filaments «Thermolite», polyester yarn quickly diverting moisture. For modern design of the knitwear are used finishing mesh details, dovyazy, lace, related to new ploskofangovom equipment made in Germany «STOLL». For coloristic product design drawings special printing pastes are used, creating volumetric relief, effect of metallic luster and pearl. Availability of equipment for applying rhinestones and embroidery machine with the ability to design products with paillettes, lace, beads, embroidery gives different models new fashion accents, providing competitive products in the domestic and foreign markets. Assortment policy of the enterprise, is determined by the development and introduction of new types of raw materials, the development of a wide range of models and types of products, coupled with the unification of the basic structures through the use of computer-aided design systems. The balance of all elements of the product: color, texture fabric, decor allows you to combine them into a single unit, expressing its ideological and artistic content. Lines created by a variety of finishes - lines, reliefs, embroidery, piping, belts, cuffs create integrity, compositional balance and the embodiment of the artist-designer to design a new product. JSC "8 Marta" is a constant participant of exhibitions and fairs of all levels. Over the long history of our company has repeatedly became the winner of various competitions, awarded with diplomas of Russian and international exhibitions. For all its diversity and individuality, the key factors in the success of any fashion brand is the continuous development of search and introduction of means of improving their competitiveness.

Kupalinka OJSC

Kupalinka OJSC is a manufacturer of the diverse assortment of the high-quality men’s, ladies’ and children’s underwear. Currently, Kupalinka OJSC is a spectacular example of a company searching for out-of-the-box solutions in its business. Capitalizing on the current capacities and advanced knitting processes as best as it can, the company produces modern knitted fabrics and products appealing to each buyer – the adults and children and a whole family. The company seeks to fully meet the consumer's needs and to turn a buyer into its regular customer in the future.

PE "Surogen" (Falbone)

The young, successfully developing trade mark "Falbone" since 2015 provides a diverse assortment of underwear for women of any age of their own production. We sew the underwear that you like.

LLC "Meta"LLC "Meta"

Meta Ltd. (Zhodino) is one of the largest suppliers of the Belarusian manufacturers’ knitwear to the Russian market and also the manufacturer of the collection of the ladies’ model apparel under its own trade mark – “VETRA” – which is widely presented in the Belarusian trading network. Our company is an official dealer of JV Uztex Ltd., a cotton fabric and yarn producer, and also a representative of the fabric suppliers from Turkey.

GC "Imelda"GC "Imelda"

Our company has been producing corsetry and knitwear since 1997.


Женское белье Madame Comfort — белье для женщин с праздником в душе, обожающих цвет и свободу движений. Основным направлением компании являются бюстгальтера повышенного комфорта с широкой размерной и цветовой гаммой. Все изделия по желанию комплектуются трусиками.

ЧУП "БравоБел"

Торговая марка "BRAVO" с 2006 года радует прекрасных дам разнообразным ассортиментом женского нижнего белья собственного производства.


Фирма ВИЭТРЭ является дочерним предприятием SIA “NEW ROSME” по выпуску и продажам женского белья ТМ "ROSME" на территории РБ. Заключаем договора на оптовую и розничную торговлю.

СП ЗАО "Милавица"СП ЗАО "Милавица"

Уже почти 50 лет компания «Милавица» создает женское белье, являясь одним из крупнейших производителей корсетных изделий в Восточной Европе. Продукция компании успешно продается более чем в 25-ти странах мира и характеризуется высоким качеством, оригинальным дизайном и продуманными конструктивными решениями.

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