TradeBel is the largest business network maintained and operated by Bellegprom corporate group, connecting value-added light industry enterprises in the highly competitive market. The main objective of Bellegprom portal is to make international trading experience as easy as possible for suppliers and purchasers, as they build business relationships through the online trading platform and its trading facilities.

Why choose TradeBel

TradeBel is a reliable source for Belarusian traders to promote global profile and expand their reach to overseas markets. As a strategic partner, TradeBel provides a comprehensive marketing and sourcing platform aimed to:

  • Display goods and services for potential customers from the perspective of the competitive advantage;
  • Apply comprehensive e-marketing techniques for real-time personalization and business promotion through internal advertising system and marketing tools;
  • Create business opportunities for social media integration and search engine transparency;
  • Expand client base and increase company’s revenues;
  • Develop dynamic and full-featured multi-language trading environment;
  • Encourage the use of technology to accelerate industrial upgrading and connect business potential of light industrial business in Belarus and across borders;
  • Establish industry chains and productive partnerships in footwear, textile, leather and garment industries;

Why become a registered user

Registration on the website is free. There are many benefits to becoming a registered user:

As a registered Buyer, you are enabled to manage a personal profile, make a purchase offer, track request statuses and counteract with other registered users.

As a registered Seller, you can manage product catalogue items, track requests and the latest industry news, make deals with clients, establish partnerships with customers and industry peers.

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