OJSC «Grodno footwear factory «Neman»OJSC «Grodno footwear factory «Neman»

Open joint-stock company «Grodno footwear factory «Neman» - experienced Belarusian footwear manufacturer – more than 65 years of successful work in the market - offers quality, comfortable, fashionable footwear for the whole family. Buying the shoes of assortment lines "Neman", "Elefas", "Lady N", "Jumbo", "Tectonic", "Assol", Little Queen, Street Boy you get not only high-quality men’s, women’s and children’s shoes… You get a partner who cares about successful development and prosperity of your business! The company's website

JLLC "Medvatfarm"JLLC "Medvatfarm"

The only manufacturer of the medical cotton and flax wool, cotton swabs, cotton pads and other sanitary products in the Republic of Belarus.

Polstar Button and AccessoriesPolstar Button and Accessories

We collect product range in the direction of buttons and textile accessories. For example metal, delrin, nylon of zippers, metal label and metal accessory, stone strips and chain, ordends, cardlock and brooch, narrow woven, lace and guipure. Polstar is a customer oriented company so we give guarantee different and range of products for every customers.

Sewing TraditionSewing Tradition

Company "Sewing Tradition" since 2004 engaged in the promotion and popularization of high-quality modern women's clothing manufactured in Belarus. We are located in Brest, Belarus, and have direct contact with clothing manufacturers. Our online store - Today we work in two directions: retail and wholesale supply.


Currently, “Vitebchanka” is a large efficiently-run enterprise which gained a strong foothold in the modern fashion industry segment. Having one fine day focused on the manufacture of the mood-creating clothes, the company is continuously committed to a principle of producing the apparel creating a harmonious, positive and flamboyant look.


Open Joint-Stock Company “Galanteya” — a popular Belarusian trade mark gained the trust of customers not only from our country but outside Belarus. TM Galanteya is interesting because of its diversity (it covers all kinds of leather goods). Annually our company presents two collections: “Spring — Summer” and “Autumn — Winter”. All the ideas and working material for these collections are generated in advance. Popular world trends in clothing, footwear, accessories are thoroughly studied. The market of leather goods and our customers' habits and wishes are analyzed. The raw and fitting are thoroughly selected. The models are evaluated by our specialists and trade workers before their mass production.

OJSC "Baranovichskoe PHO"OJSC "Baranovichskoe PHO"

Baranovichy Production Cotton Association Open Joint-Stock Company is the largest Belarusian textile manufacturer (yarn, fabrics, ready-made cloths, table linen, bandages and gauze cloths) in the CIS countries and Europe. One of the main enterprise’s lines of business is production of the coarse calico and sateen bed sheets. Over 50 years of doing business, the company has gained the confidence of hundreds of thousands of buyers who relish comfort and sound healthy sleep. Baranovichy textile for your home - 50 years with you and for you.

JSC “Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory “Eliz”JSC “Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory “Eliz”

Joint- Stock company “Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory “Eliz” is the largest enterprise in the Republic of Belarus specialized in the production of men’s and boy’s shirts, men’s and boy’s ties, corporate and professional wear. Being modern and dynamical, the enterprise offers some trade marks meeting the requirements of different buyers. “Tino Aretty” is a shirt of the first class, “Leonardo” is classics in the actual interpretation, “Eliz Grand” is a lively city style.

RUPTE «Orsha Linen Mill»RUPTE «Orsha Linen Mill»

Republican Unitary Production and Trading Enterprise Orshansky Flax Processing Plant is one of the largest producers of linen fabrics and linen-fabric products in the world. The assortment list of goods exceeds 2,000 items. It includes natural linen fabrics of various patterns and colors, table and bed linen, garment and industrial and technology products.


Republican Bobruisk Production Unitary Enterprise “ART PRODUCTS FACTORY” produces and releases: sewing products from all kinds of fabrics (from dense flax to the thinnest lawn and silk), decorated with manual and machine embroidery; state symbolic products with the: sings, flags for governmental and state establishments, banners, for the organizations and establishments with their own symbolic; fabricated metal products with art forging elements: fences, banisters,lattices,canopies, stair flights, hinge gauze, interior products according to own samples or according to customer sketches; clothes for scenes from various materials , with liner and without it (if necessary with fire-prevention feed); straw souvenirs; dress assortment products from the given raw material; hinged mesh for fencing motorways, railways, protected areas and agricultural land.

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