Zhlobin Garment Factory OJSC

Zhlobin Garment Factory OJSC

Zhlobin Garment Factory OJSC is a manufacturer of the garment for children of all ages and school assortment for boys and girls - formal suits, pinafore dresses, skirts, trousers and jackets, winter and summer clothing assortment, bed and table linen clothes, as well as provides services for manufacturing products from the customer-owned stock.

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Rubakhova Yekaterina
17 Petrovskogo street
Zhlobin , Belarus

Legal information

Legal address: 17 Petrovskogo street, Zhlobin
Top executive name: Masyutina Nina Ivanovna
Tax registration number 400075743
Bank name: OJSC "ASB Belarusbank"
Bank address: 86 Uritskogo street, Zhlobin
Account numbers: 3012005080027
Legal documents