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Brand Papilio is associated first of all with wedding dresses. Just, as a producer of wedding clothes, the campaign successfully works at the markets of Europe and the USA for many years. But, today, Papilio Fashion House offers to its consumers something bigger. These are several lines of women’s party clothes – wedding clothes, evening clothes, clothes for routs and other ceremonial receptions.

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80162 42-04-21
Moskovskaya str., 206-4
Brest , Belarus

Legal information

Legal address: 224023, Brest, Moskovskaya str., 206-4
Top executive name: Goretski Andrey Nikolaevich
Tax registration number 809001192
Bank name: Alfa-Bank
Bank address: 43-47 Surganova Str, 220030 Minsk, Belarus,
Account numbers: BY93 ALFA 3012 2178 2700 1027 0000 (RUB)
Legal documents