Sewing TraditionSewing Tradition

Company "Sewing Tradition" since 2004 engaged in the promotion and popularization of high-quality modern women's clothing manufactured in Belarus. We are located in Brest, Belarus, and have direct contact with clothing manufacturers. Our online store - Today we work in two directions: retail and wholesale supply.

Rechitskiy textiles OJSCRechitskiy textiles OJSC

Our enterprise offers the broadest assortment of products! Terry napkins, towels of various sizes, sheets, bath mats, bathrobes, sauna sets and gift sets made of 100% cotton. Any color, various sizes, density of products, distinctiveness of patterns and a logo designed specially for the customers, all this will, indeed, completely meet their needs. Our products manufactured using advanced equipment are modern, exclusive and competitive with the foreign manufacturers’ similar best products.

CJSC "Vyasnyanka"CJSC "Vyasnyanka"

A well-known Belarussian women's apparel manufacturer. The assortment of products includes coats, overcoats, women's suits, jackets, trousers and official style clothing for students. A multi-year experience in the garment market has allowed the enterprise to implement the advanced processes and favorably combine the products quality and a modern design of models.


OJSC ELEMA is a highly developed sewing enterprise based in Minsk. Modern equipment and years of experience allow our company to produce outerwear for men and women with high quality. Feel free to contact us. It will be pleasant for us to cooperate with you!


The state-of-the-art technology, continuously expanding assortment, high quality of products, network of proprietary outlets and commercial agency in Russia – all this is present-day “Westerly”! The “Westerly”-produced assortment of products is diversified and includes both women’s and men’s knit and textile fabrics clothing. Both an experimental approach to developing designs and a broad assortment of fabrics used contribute to “Westerly”’s garment comfort and quality. In addition to the traditionally used textile raw materials, the “Westerly” specialists also produce soft goods applying high-quality modern fibers such as modal and spandex. Currently, “Westerly” operates its own network of proprietary outlets located in Minsk, Gomel, Mozyr, Mogilev, Borisov, Bobruisk and Zhlobin.

LLC "Dzhersi"LLC "Dzhersi"

Garment manufacturer. Womenswear manufacturing.

Kupalinka OJSCKupalinka OJSC

Kupalinka OJSC is a manufacturer of the diverse assortment of the high-quality men’s, ladies’ and children’s underwear. Currently, Kupalinka OJSC is a spectacular example of a company searching for out-of-the-box solutions in its business. Capitalizing on the current capacities and advanced knitting processes as best as it can, the company produces modern knitted fabrics and products appealing to each buyer – the adults and children and a whole family. The company seeks to fully meet the consumer's needs and to turn a buyer into its regular customer in the future.


ZAO «Kalinka» (CJSC) was founded on the basis of a garment factory in Soligorsk on November 6, 1981 . Today it is the largest clothing manufacturer in the Republic of Belarus. As of today "Kalinka" produces full range of clothing for adults and children: coats, jackets, raincoats, blouses, skirts, women's and men's pants, jackets, vests and more. Our designers create more than 800 new clothing models annually, which sold to domestic market and abroad, mainly to Russian Federation. ZAO "Kalinka" welcomes the various forms of cooperation, including the manufacturing of clothing from raw materials supplied by the customer (tolling).

RUPTE «Orsha Linen Mill»RUPTE «Orsha Linen Mill»

Republican Unitary Production and Trading Enterprise Orshansky Flax Processing Plant is one of the largest producers of linen fabrics and linen-fabric products in the world. The assortment list of goods exceeds 2,000 items. It includes natural linen fabrics of various patterns and colors, table and bed linen, garment and industrial and technology products.

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