Sewing TraditionSewing Tradition

Company "Sewing Tradition" since 2004 engaged in the promotion and popularization of high-quality modern women's clothing manufactured in Belarus. We are located in Brest, Belarus, and have direct contact with clothing manufacturers. Our online store - Today we work in two directions: retail and wholesale supply.


Currently, “Vitebchanka” is a large efficiently-run enterprise which gained a strong foothold in the modern fashion industry segment. Having one fine day focused on the manufacture of the mood-creating clothes, the company is continuously committed to a principle of producing the apparel creating a harmonious, positive and flamboyant look.

JSC “Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory “Eliz”JSC “Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory “Eliz”

Joint- Stock company “Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory “Eliz” is the largest enterprise in the Republic of Belarus specialized in the production of men’s and boy’s shirts, men’s and boy’s ties, corporate and professional wear. Being modern and dynamical, the enterprise offers some trade marks meeting the requirements of different buyers. “Tino Aretty” is a shirt of the first class, “Leonardo” is classics in the actual interpretation, “Eliz Grand” is a lively city style.


BITEKH Supplementary Liability Society has been doing business in the market since 2005. For more than 8 years the company has been one of the most reliable and stable suppliers of overalls, special footwear and protective gear. Cooperation with our company offers the following extensive range of additional opportunities for the customers: favorable terms of cooperation for regular customers; a customer-friendly order-picking system since the company’s office and warehouse are located in one and the same place, thereby saving efforts and time of the customers; an integrated supply of the uniform, overalls, protective gear and working footwear; an order may be delivered to any region of the country.

Rechitskiy textiles OJSCRechitskiy textiles OJSC

Our enterprise offers the broadest assortment of products! Terry napkins, towels of various sizes, sheets, bath mats, bathrobes, sauna sets and gift sets made of 100% cotton. Any color, various sizes, density of products, distinctiveness of patterns and a logo designed specially for the customers, all this will, indeed, completely meet their needs. Our products manufactured using advanced equipment are modern, exclusive and competitive with the foreign manufacturers’ similar best products.

CJSC "Vyasnyanka"CJSC "Vyasnyanka"

A well-known Belarussian women's apparel manufacturer. The assortment of products includes coats, overcoats, women's suits, jackets, trousers and official style clothing for students. A multi-year experience in the garment market has allowed the enterprise to implement the advanced processes and favorably combine the products quality and a modern design of models.


OJSC ELEMA is a highly developed sewing enterprise based in Minsk. Modern equipment and years of experience allow our company to produce outerwear for men and women with high quality. Feel free to contact us. It will be pleasant for us to cooperate with you!

Zhlobin Garment Factory OJSCZhlobin Garment Factory OJSC

Zhlobin Garment Factory OJSC is a manufacturer of the garment for children of all ages and school assortment for boys and girls - formal suits, pinafore dresses, skirts, trousers and jackets, winter and summer clothing assortment, bed and table linen clothes, as well as provides services for manufacturing products from the customer-owned stock.

OJSC "Sewing enterprise "Lona"OJSC "Sewing enterprise "Lona"

We have no intention of changing your life, we dress those who seek to make it better! For you, so different – smart, beautiful, unique and talented – LONA Garment Company creates its outerwear collections. LONA is associated with stylish and trendy modern, comfortable and affordable overcoats, coats, raincoats, wind jackets and one-piece suits for people of all ages relishing high-quality and practical clothing. Our site:

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