Gronitex by JSC «Gronitex»

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JSC "Gronitex" offers for realization:

YARN for knitting and weaving production, carded and combed, raw and dyed, cotton, mixed, single and twisted in a wide range of linear densities:

Ø combed  29.4-10 tex (Nm 34-100)

Ø carded circular spinning method 15,4-84 tex (Nm 65-12)

Ø carded pneumomechanical spinning method 50-18.5 tex (Nm 20-54)

Ø mixed of a wide range of linear densities with the imposition of natural and chemical fibers 71,4-11,8 tex (Nm 14-85):

             -cotonized flax fiber up to 50%;

             - Vibrant fibers;

             - polyester fibers.

Ø reinforced special purpose.

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You can get acquainted with the assortment list and get detailed information on the website www.gronitex.by.

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