OJSC "Tekstiltorg"OJSC "Tekstiltorg"

Textiletorg OJSC effects a non-cash sale of products of the leading Belarusian manufacturers of the light industry’s textile sector to the enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership and also to individual entrepreneurs.

JSC "BELFA" ZhlobinJSC "BELFA" Zhlobin

Manufacturing of high-pile knitted fabrics (imitation fur) for outerwear, uniforms, footwear, cuddle toys, beddings, home textile and decorative articles. Manufacturing of ready-made articles from imitation fur: women`s outerwear, carnival dresses, woolen blankets and bedspreads, decorative rugs, wedding pelerines etc.

ОАО "Бресттекстильторг"ОАО "Бресттекстильторг"

ОАО «Бресттекстильторг» - текстильная продукция от ведущих белорусских производителей лёгкой и текстильной промышленности для оптовой и розничной торговли.

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