OJSC «Grodno footwear factory «Neman»OJSC «Grodno footwear factory «Neman»

Open joint-stock company «Grodno footwear factory «Neman» - experienced Belarusian footwear manufacturer – more than 65 years of successful work in the market - offers quality, comfortable, fashionable footwear for the whole family. Buying the shoes of assortment lines "Neman", "Elefas", "Lady N", "Jumbo", "Tectonic", "Assol", Little Queen, Street Boy you get not only high-quality men’s, women’s and children’s shoes… You get a partner who cares about successful development and prosperity of your business! The company's website

CJSC JV "Belkelme"CJSC JV "Belkelme"

Belarusian-Spanish Joint Venture Closed Joint-Stock Company Belkelme is a leading manufacturer of footwear for active leisure and sport in Belarus. The range of products comprises men’s, women’s and kids’ footwear for active leisure and sport; men’s and women’s casual footwear; football boots and ski boots.

CJSC "Sivelga"CJSC "Sivelga"

Sivelga PJSC is a manufacturer specializing in the designer and casual men’s, women’s and kid’s natural leather footwear. The footwear is manufactured using the best local and imported materials and the most innovative technologies, thereby making it sensible and perfect fit. A multi-year experience of the sustainable business and pricing policy flexibility help the company continuously expand a set of business partners.

СООО «ГОФ «Труд-Стецкевич-Адамантан»

Производство армейской, рабочей и специальной обуви мужского и женского ассортимента, особенностью предприятия является производство женской обуви малых размеров. Производимые товары: Обувь мужского и женского ассортимента.

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