JLLC "Belvest"

JLLC "Belvest"

Is it a pleasure to you when you are taken care of? How does Belwest do it? Designing is a starting point: the talented Italian footwear designers are pace-setters in fashions, while the German technologies combined with the best innovative materials guarantee quality and comfort. This is proved by prizes won at the Contests “The Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus” and “The Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation Market”. The Quality Management System was certified as compliant with the standard ISO 9001-2000. Belwest – We work for you!

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Burov Artem
10 General Lyudnikov street, 210026
Vitebsk , Belarus

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Legal address: 10 General Lyudnikov street, Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus, 210026
Top executive name: Sumaneyev Yuriy Gennadyevich
Tax registration number 300084770
SWIFT: 226
Bank name: OJSC "Bank BelWEB"
Bank address: 32 Myasnikova street, Minsk
Account numbers: 3012121527013
Legal documents

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