CJSC "Vyasnyanka"

CJSC "Vyasnyanka"

A well-known Belarussian women's apparel manufacturer. The assortment of products includes coats, overcoats, women's suits, jackets, trousers and official style clothing for students. A multi-year experience in the garment market has allowed the enterprise to implement the advanced processes and favorably combine the products quality and a modern design of models.

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Aksenova Yelena Sergeyevna
(+375 222)22-90-51
91 Leninskaya street
Mogilev , Belarus

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Legal address: 91 Leninskaya street, Mogilev
Top executive name: Bergovina Nataliya Arkatyevna
Tax registration number 700008631
SWIFT: 153001739
Bank name: OJSC "Belinvestbank"
Bank address: 29а Pervomayskaya street, Mogilev
Account numbers: 3012430029018
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