"Zlata West " company is part of a group of industrial "Zlata" enterprises and is the fastest growing company specializing in the production of garment accessories and plastic products. Over time the company has established itself as a reliable, dynamically developing business partner. We produce oblique lace, edges of satin and cotton fabrics on the new equipment from Poland and Japan in our workshop. The range of 90 colors, stitch nonwovens tape of different sizes, we also do custom orders from the tissues of the customer. The main production company is the production of plastic products, namely dress hangers. We make high-quality, durable hangers for adult clothing range, various colors, we provide services for depositing customer's logo on our products. We are always developing, the range of our products is constantly updated.


Open Joint-Stock Company “Galanteya” — a popular Belarusian trade mark gained the trust of customers not only from our country but outside Belarus. TM Galanteya is interesting because of its diversity (it covers all kinds of leather goods). Annually our company presents two collections: “Spring — Summer” and “Autumn — Winter”. All the ideas and working material for these collections are generated in advance. Popular world trends in clothing, footwear, accessories are thoroughly studied. The market of leather goods and our customers' habits and wishes are analyzed. The raw and fitting are thoroughly selected. The models are evaluated by our specialists and trade workers before their mass production.


Private unitary enterprise "Linuchi". Specializing in production of garment carriers for clothing of different types and allotment.

OJSC "Kamvol"OJSC "Kamvol"

Currently, Kamvol OJSC may offer for the customers a broad assortment of modern pure wool, woolen, half-woolen, dress/suiting/trousering fabrics with admixture of polyester fiber, viscose, nitron and Lycra elastane yarn, chemical fiber fabrics, including high-quality Australian wool fabric, tweed jacket cloth, an extensive variety of the checkerboard cloth and interesting companion fabrics. Currently, special-purpose military, corporate, departmental and school half-woolen clothing fabrics account for a substantial share in the output and sales of the worsted fabric assortment. The use of the best-quality Swiss and German dyes and imported equipment contributes to the production of high-quality fabrics comparing favorably with the products of other competitors. To improve the fabric protective properties, a range of special types of finishing is offered: softening, oil/stain/water repellant antistatic and sanitized. All fabrics are characterized by superb physical and mechanical properties, fastness to washing and abrasion resistance, require minimal care, are crease-resistant and durable.

RUPTE «Orsha Linen Mill»RUPTE «Orsha Linen Mill»

Republican Unitary Production and Trading Enterprise Orshansky Flax Processing Plant is one of the largest producers of linen fabrics and linen-fabric products in the world. The assortment list of goods exceeds 2,000 items. It includes natural linen fabrics of various patterns and colors, table and bed linen, garment and industrial and technology products.

JLLC Vishnev CompanyJLLC Vishnev Company

Over the years of development, the company has been continuously progressing and currently, the company, which once was a small shoulder pad sewing shop employing 15 sewers, is a large garment factory. Production of shoulder pads and sleeve heads; Production of dummies; Production of corset accessories (corset cups, inserts, tunnel tape); Production of multi-ply laminated materials.

ОАО "Минский экспериментально-фурнитурный завод"ОАО "Минский экспериментально-фурнитурный завод"

ОАО «МЭФЗ» освоено к производству до 400 товарных позиций по фурнитуре и застёжке-молнии для обувных, кожгалантерейных, швейных и трикотажных изделий. Таким образом, из четырёх системообразующих отраслей лёгкой промышленности Республики Беларусь, предприятия трёх отраслей: кожевенно-обувной, трикотажной и швейной, являются потребителями продукции ОАО «МЭФЗ». История предприятия началась в 1928 году с кузнечной артели “Красный Металлист”, которая в довоенный период насчитывала 200 рабочих. Первой послевоенной продукцией предприятия стали кровати, гвозди, детские коляски, саночки, велосипеды. В 1956 году артель была преобразована в завод металлоизделий, который в 1965 был переименован в Минский экспериментально-фурнитурный завод. С этого времени он специализировался только на производстве фурнитуры для легкой промышленности СССР. На данный момент ОАО МЭФЗ представляет собой завод по производству и реализации товаров легкой промышленности, и специализируется на выпуске металлической и пластмассовой фурнитуры, пластмассовой спиральной и литьевой застежки-молнии для обуви, кожгалантерейных, швейных и трикотажных изделий и обеспечивающий качественным сырьем практически все предприятия легкой промышленности Республики.

Ультима РС, ОООУльтима РС, ООО

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