Серия "Комфорт" наполнением 450, 350, 250 грамм/м2 Размеры: Полуторное 205х140 Двойное 205х172 Евро 205х220

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Decorative textiles

Decorative curtains and pillows

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Cotton, knitted rugs

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Quilts, pillows, mattress covers

Bedroom textiles is represented by its indispensable atributes - quilt, pillows, mattress covers of different sizes.

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Table-linen "Blakit"

Table sets, tablecloths, sets of towels, kitchen accessories (napkins, decorative runners, aprons, potholders, gauntlets), seats, chair covers, decorative pillowcases, bags etc. 100% cotton

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Bed-linen collection "LUSSO"

Bed-linen collection out of sateen jacquard, 100% cotton

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Bedsets. Stripe-sateen

Bedsets. Stripe-sateen. 100% cotton

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Bed-linen out of sateen

Bed-linen out of sateen. 100% cotton

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