Fábrica de confección de Dzerzhinsk "ELIZ"Fábrica de confección de Dzerzhinsk "ELIZ"

Joint- Stock company “Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory “Eliz” is the largest enterprise in the Republic of Belarus specialized in the production of men’s and boy’s shirts, men’s and boy’s ties, corporate and professional wear. Being modern and dynamical, the enterprise offers some trade marks meeting the requirements of different buyers. “Tino Aretty” is a shirt of the first class, “Leonardo” is classics in the actual interpretation, “Eliz Grand” is a lively city style.

ОАО "Свiтанак" г. ЖодиноОАО "Свiтанак" г. Жодино

ОАО "Свiтанак" является производителем трикотажных изделий и полотна с полным циклом производства.

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