RPUE “Uniform”

RPUE “Uniform”

Republican Production Unitary Enterprise “Uniform”. The enterprise produces special-purpose clothes and uniform used in various spheres of activity: sanitary services, agricultural and forestry sectors, central heating and power plants and power engineering sector. The enterprise has commercialized the production of the multi-purpose clothes for hunters and fishermen, underwear, bed linen and mattress pads. Commercialization of a general service uniform for firefighters-rescuers - BOPS-1 (first level of protection) has been one of the achievements in the recent years.

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Legal address: Graninoe, Luninetskiy region, Brest region
Top executive name: Sharavar Vera Antonovna
Tax registration number 290104347
SWIFT: 313
Bank name: Banking Services Center No. 702 of “BPS-Sberbank” OJSC
Bank address: 13 Chernyahovskogo street, Minsk
Account numbers: 3012126065017
Legal documents