Republican Bobruisk Production Unitary Enterprise “ART PRODUCTS FACTORY” produces and releases: sewing products from all kinds of fabrics (from dense flax to the thinnest lawn and silk), decorated with manual and machine embroidery; state symbolic products with the: sings, flags for governmental and state establishments, banners, for the organizations and establishments with their own symbolic; fabricated metal products with art forging elements: fences, banisters,lattices,canopies, stair flights, hinge gauze, interior products according to own samples or according to customer sketches; clothes for scenes from various materials , with liner and without it (if necessary with fire-prevention feed); straw souvenirs; dress assortment products from the given raw material; hinged mesh for fencing motorways, railways, protected areas and agricultural land.

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Aleksei Yanusov
+375225 75 14 26
+375 296 79 79 74
Gogol str., 44a
Bobruisk , Belarus
Marketing department
+375 225 75 12 66
+375 225 72 05 85
Gogol str., 44a
Bobruisk , Belarus

Legal information

Legal address: Gogol str., 44a, Bobruisk, Mogilev region, Republic of Belarus, 213815
Top executive name: Alexander Horbel
Tax registration number 700090744
Bank name: Belarusbank
Bank address: Gorkogo str., 2, Bobruisk, Mogilev region, Republic of Belarus, 213815
Account numbers: 3012000000250 (BYR); 3012418905934 (RUB); 3012000005978 (USD); 3012000005965 (EUR)