Mogilev Sewing Factory "Vyasnyanka"

Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013 von Vyasnyanka AG

Mogilev Sewing Factory "Vyasnyanka"

"Vyasnyanka" is a well-known Belarussian women's apparel manufacturer.

The assortment of products includes coats, overcoats, women's suits, jackets, trousers and official style clothing for students.

A multi-year experience in the garment market has allowed the enterprise to implement the advanced processes and favorably combine the products quality and a modern design of models.

A broad assortment, the widest range of colors and frequent launch of new models are the features that distinguish the Vyasnyanka PJSC’s products from those of its competitors.

We are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation and will be happy to have you as our customers!

91 Leninskaya street, Mogilev, Republic of Belarus, 212030
Tel: (+375 222) 31-06-25, 22-90-51, 25-12-07

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