JSC “Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory “Eliz” in St. Petersburg

Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013 von „ELIZ Konfektionsfabrik Dserschinsk“

JSC “Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory “Eliz” in St. Petersburg

Joint-Stock company “Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory “Eliz” is the largest enterprise in the Republic of Belarus specialized in the production of men’s and boy’s shirts, men’s and boy’s ties, corporate and professional wear. Being modern and dynamical, the enterprise offers some trade marks meeting the requirements of different buyers. “Tino Aretty” is a shirt of the first class, “Leonardo” is classics in the actual interpretation, “Eliz Grand” is a lively city style.

JSC “Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory “Eliz” in St. Petersburg: 3 Gelsingforsskaya street
Tel. +7 812 334 85 40 +7 965 031 73 76
e-mail spb@eliz.by

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